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Dill restaurant iceland

So it`s been a bit since my last post..
Summer has been busy with a bit of traveling, work and festivals, and so on.
My sister and me went to Iceland, the reason was the wedding of a lovely friend of mine.
We went for a full week, and during this week we went (after a full day of hiking in the mountain outside Reykjavik) to the highly acclaimed "dill" restaurant .

First up, here is what we ate...

This was on the table when we arrived.
A traditional christmass cookie (we where there in july) so it did seem a bit weird.
Served with skyr.

Raw shrimps and fennel emulsion

Dried cured lamb leg, and mustard emulsion.
Then came the menu

Cured codfish, herbs, taragonemulsion and ryebread.
A nice starter with loads of flavor.

Two types of bread with two whipped butter.
One flavored with pine oil (made by the chef himself) and one with, hold on........ BACON, who dosnt like a kitchen that butters its bacon, ore bacons its butter... anyway, moving on.

Tea steamed mushrooms, gratined with local cheese and mustard foam. This was the only complete miss this night.
The steamed mushrooms kinda had the taste and texture of the one`s you get here in a jar (which is absolutely horrible). and the cheese just made it vulgar in the bad way. lack of texture and taste.

The kitchen

The view over a nice lake, Reykjavik and and small airport.. uhhh and very very drunk highschool teens:)

Probably the dish of the night.
Pickled and poached veggies came alone with a bit of dill.
Table side a very intense, creamy, reduced almost to the point of splitting, mussel sauce, that then actually was split with dill oil.
Very simpel, and allot of lovely yumminess..

The chef came in and told us, upon request, about how he made the pine oil for the butter. and gave us this little taste sample. Very perfume, piny and weirdly enough with hint`s of dill.

Kale, pickeld cababge, smoked potato foam, and pickled angelica.
Like most of the food here, simple, yet with allot of flavor.

Main course:
Duck, local root veggie which I don`t remember the name of, wild mountain thyme and herb sauce.
This was a very lovely win dish, unfortunally it was cold.
I could see the head chef had left for a bit, and there was only one chef plating 6 plates, and it did take it`s time, with unfortunate results...

Pre dessert/ cheese course.
We never really found out, but beet sorbet, blue cheese and honey.
Nice but Im not a big blue cheese fan.

Breaky dessert:
Skyr icecream and foam, musli and table side, nitro frozen rose petals.
The last thing I could have been without, cause of the fact that it did nothing for the dessert.
Nitro is cool, but it needs to make sense to the dish, otherwise its pure show...
But a nice dessert

Petit fours.
Lave rocks (still wondering how they got that texture, it was really something)
And beet fudge, covered in white chocolate.
The last one was so good my sister had to have one more.

All in all a very good experience.
Especially when looking at the bill, comparing to danish top restaurants.
about 1350 danish for two people, 7 courses and coffee, and 5 matching beers.
I will come back, both to Iceland and to Dill!

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  1. Price isn't bad at all! Holy crap... Can you please plan your next trip to Dill when I'm around???